Everyone Deserves Financial Education

Regardless of background or income level, financially informed individuals are better able to take control of their situations, improve their quality of life, and achieve a more stable future for themselves and their families.

Effective and practical financial education produces strong outcomes by leading people to take action.

Master Your Money,

Enjoy Financial Wellness

Action-Focused & Result-Oriented Financial Education That Leads You to Create Financial Abundance and Live the Life You Deserve.

Practical & Effective Financial Education That Drives Result

Simple Action Steps Reduce Barriers to Positive Financial Habits

Protect Tomorrow’s Dreams Without Sacrificing Today’s Desires

Calm Your Money Anxiety, Boost Financial Confidence


Help Close The Financial Literacy Gap


Give your employees the gift of financial literacy! 

Help them attain their financial goals.

Enable them to better navigate financial challenges and achieve lasting financial wellness.


Organizational Impact

Financially literate employees have:

  • greater focus and productivity,

  • less money-related stress,

  • better understanding of their total rewards,-


Offering financial education improves employees’ knowledge, skills and confidence around money, they become better able to manage debt, save for emergencies and plan for their retirement.


Help your students navigate their financial journey. 

Join us in grooming a financially responsible generation that are capable to take care of their personal finances.

Give them education that not only helps them secure a desirable career, but also enables them to achieve financial independence and build a stable financial future, starting from an early age.


Why Bother?

We all wish we were more intentional and thoughtful about our finances from a young age.  Even educated and competitive individuals end up with regret for not starting to save from early stage of their careers due to lacking financial awareness.

Workshops and Seminars

Money Smart Does More Than Talking the Talk… It Changes Lives!

Money Smart gets to the root of why people aren’t on track with their money and inspires behavior change that lasts for a lifetime.

With our proven step-by-step plan, employees learn to prepare for emergencies, eliminate debt, get on a budget, balance their needs vs. wants, prioritize their present and future needs, and retire with confidence.


Course Structure: 


                   Interactive presentation,


                   break-out sessions, 


                   worksheet activities,


                   assessment, feedback and Q&A.





Class Length:  120 minutes (professionals); 60 minutes (students)


Course Outcomes: 

  • Confront traditional views about money and saving,

  • Set and prioritize short-term, mid-term and long-term goals,

  • Identify emotional and practical obstacles for saving.

  • Take immediate actions/steps to getting started,

  • Forecast their retirement income needs,

  • Protect their financial goals from failure and disruption.

Stressed with loan and credit card debt?


Does thinking about your finances scare you?


What dreams and life-goals are still unfulfilled

for lack of saving?


Wouldn’t it be great if you could establish a system that

automatically grows your savings and build wealth?


Your Current Financial Challenges:

  • No financial plan

  • Insufficient saving

  • Drowning in debt

  • No backup for emergencies

  • A financial statement that sucks

  • Stress and anxiety due to financial insecurity

Financial Goals You Will Achieve With Money Smart:

  • A flourishing savings portfolio that gets you closer to your goals.

  • An effective system that automate the growth of your net worth.

  • Get rid of debt and get financially confident.

  • Connect between your dreams and your financial behaviors.

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Shohoje Shonchoy helps you get going on your journey to financial prosperity through the fundamental steps of saving. The book takes you on a deep-dive to understand and recognise your inherent money-mindset and how it affects your present and future reality. By developing positive consiousness about money, it frees you from limiting beliefs that obstruct your progress toward creating wealth and abundance.


With the practical guide to getting started on saving regularly, and the steps prescribed to help make the process of saving convenient for you, it is a MUST READ for every individual who desires to be in control of their money and be successful financially.


Personal Finance Book in Bangla


Enabling you

to attain

financial wellness.

Hi!  I am Jonathan, your financial education instructor

"I have made it my mission to achieve my dreams by helping enough other people reach their goals. What better way to do so than enabling men and women to be intentional about their finances and make informed choices with enhanced financial intelligence! Most people wish they had been taught about money when they were younger. I am an advocate for financial education and I believe in learning that motivates people to take action."

You want to- 
  • get a hold of your finances,
  • drive out money-related anxiety,
  • build a strong financial foundation,
  • achieve lasting financial wellbeing, 
  • create wealth and abundance,
  • enjoy financial freedom.

Jonathan Gomes is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) from National Financial Educators Council. He conducts workshops and seminars on financial literacy and financial wellness management that transforms a person’s understanding of financial behavior and promotes healthy financial habits. 

As the Chief Trainer at Bangladesh Center for Financial Literacy, a pioneer in Bangladesh in the field of personal finance and financial literacy, Jonathan has trained people from different walks of life including employees at large and small organizations, and students from universities and colleges.

Jonathan obtained Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees on Economics, and pursued Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Dhaka.


Pioneering Financial Literacy movement in Bangladesh

You can easily reach me by Email or a phone call

Enabling You To Attain

Financial Wellness.